BUSINESS PROS conveys knowledge to the community through informing, educating, inclusion and continual diligent work to maintain trust with positive issues and services.

We handle your requests with experts striving on valuing you. Our success depends on committing to creating and providing exceptional results, whether the goal is to educate, entertain, inform, motivate, persuade or help sell a business, product or service, or an idea... Clients never worry about acquiring anything less. We've compassed tasks and grasped requirements to complete them on time, with quality - directing all attention on importance. BUSINESS PROS' clients are ALWAYS first priority.




Our professionals have over two decades of conceptual Editing & Writing, E-Connecting and Public Speaking to fulfill personal and business requests by administering expected and unanticipated long or short-term assignment demands and assist various workloads. The services are available by assignment, hourly, daily, monthly, or weekend basis.




A unique multi-diverse publication offering business issues and extra information to those seeking and wanting to read articles on other important matters. Business Pros Newspaper was created to only focus on positive issues and connect the pros to the community through articles and business and classified ads.



Experience. Quality Work. Deadline Oriented.

Adept minds with creativity depicts Business Pros. You request for us when seeking a professional's touch with editing and writing, expecting the best and accumulating suitable services. Connection is granted with dependable, familiar individuals and wouldn't disperse any other way. We obtain proven knowledge, experience and skills to meet your requirements, not just an educational background.

Don't stress out when needing assistance with that manual, paper, speech, letter, ad, etc.  Business Pros is ready to be first or additional eyes for print or original wording, whether you're a student, housewife, 9 to 5 worker, retired or business.  We bring words to life and improve their usage. You benefit and receive quality work at affordable prices from authors, editors, journalists and writers offering 20-plus years of expertise to corporations and individuals, a connection to A-plus talent.

Our professionals have mastered editing and writing internal and external communication to qualify and acquire proficiency through valid working accomplishments and being a Business Pros permanent full or part-time employee or temporary or seasonal contracting element, resulting to you always receiving 100 percent satisfaction.

We are confident when matching you with our handpicked editors and writers. Our name is Business Pros, consisting of experts with the qualifications representing it.


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PO Box 31054 Houston, Texas 77231 


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